Galeria Ostrowiec Shopping Centre

Galeria Ostrowiec Shopping Centre

Galeria Ostrowiec is the only shopping centre in Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski. The centre provides over 15,000 sq m and comprises a Tesco Hypermarket, 54 shops, 5 resturants and a café. There are also 20 sales and service stalls.

The centre is ideally situated between the streets of Mickiewicza and Zeromskiego and the beautiful park of Marshall Jozef Pilsudski. Located in the heart of centre of the city, Galeria Ostrowiec is the perfect place for shopping and family get togethers. Castorama (DIY store) and the Rawszczyzna swimming pool are also close-by. The building itself has been styled in a modern and contemporary manner, featuring wide passageways and light, airy interiors which create a friendly and welcoming atmostphere to all visitors.


Construction began in May 2005 and the centre was opened six months later in November 2005. The current owners, a British company called First Property Poland, bought the centre in 2006 and have been operating it since.

Well-known and popular brands

Tesco, Rossmann, Vision Express, Deichmann, Triumph, Reserved, Cropp Town, Top Secret, Wojas, RTV Euro AGD, Monnari, Apart, CCC, Jysk, House, City Sport


839 spaces, including 19 disabled spaces.

Entertainment and culture

Galeria Ostrowiec is one of the main shopping centres in the region, offering the most well-known and popular brands around. The clothes shops in the centre have autumn and spring collections with winter and summer sales. Prices can sometimes drop to 70%.

Galeria Ostrowiec is not just a shopping centre but also hosts high quality events on celebration days such St. Nicholas Day, Valentine’s Day and Children’s Day. It also puts on fashion shows, concerts, cooking presentations, hairdressing and styling presentations, and painting shows. The centre also hosts a lottery offering prizes such as cars, holidays and cash.